Monday, November 12, 2007

Cannot they afford proofreaders?

More often than I like, I run across the occasional typo when reading the paper. Typically, I think, "Who am I to point fingers?" as this blog has more than its fair share.

However, MSNBC printed the following sentence in a story this morning. I think it takes the cake on the worst proofreading job by a news organization that I have seen in a long time:

Daisy Carmouche reads the bible on her couch where he spends most of her time since the decrease in her medical conditon at his FEMA trainer in Picayune, Mississippi. Since moving into the FEMA provided mobile home in December of 2005 both Joseph and Daisy's Carmouche heath has deteriorated.

Huh? (Not only does it not make sense, notice that the words "condition" and "health" are misspelled and use the word "trainer" instead of "trailer.")

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