Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oh Mommy - feeling a little E-MOTION-AL?

I'm one of those people who not only cries at sad or touching movies but also commercials. That's right, you can get me crying in 30 seconds over something really inspirational. Marlo, ever since she was little, would look over at me and sneer, "Oh Mommy - feeling a little E-MOTION-AL?" to tease me.

Today, we are sitting on the couch and alternating flipping between "Oprah" and "Real Life Stories of the ER." At the same time, I'm reading the news on my laptop and not really paying attention to either show. Then, an unusal noise distracts me and I look over.

It is my nearly 17 year old child sitting next to me on the couch, tears flowing down both cheeks, because someone got put on life support. I'm just so glad I'm no longer alone in this.

"Oh Marlo - feeling a little E-MOTION-AL?"

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