Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thank god, I'm not the only one.

As some of you know, I occasionally have this problem with fires and kitchens in combination. I never had this problem before setting my condo kitchen on fire in 2000, but now seem to be plagued by this on a recurring, but infrequent, basis - such as having a barbeque flame up and burn my eyebrows, popcorn burning up my microwave, etc.

About two months ago, I had a fire in my oven while using the "self-cleaning oven" feature. (Why is it that I always end up calling the tremendously beautiful men at the Fire Department to come rescue me while in ugly sweats without makeup and my hair in a ponytail? Makes me doubt the existence of a benevolent god - truly.)

Fortunately, there was a news report today that enables me to view my recurrent fire issues as something other than a character flaw.

Infamous potatoes: Tater Tots start blaze in Idaho firehouse kitchen while crew out on a call

The Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho — A fire station crew must be a little embarrassed by the way some of this state's famous potatoes got fried.

Boise firefighters returning from a medical call had to turn their hose on the firehouse kitchen after an overheated pan full of Tater Tots melted and set some cabinets ablaze.

The Christmas Eve fire at Station 8 was quickly extinguished, with no injuries. No damage estimate was available.

Investigators were trying to determine why a computerized safety system that automatically turns off appliances when firefighters are called away apparently had not been activated. Assistant Fire Chief Dave Hanneman said the three firefighters on duty might have forgotten to use it.

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