Thursday, October 23, 2008

Failed, but not from my lack of execution.

Last night I made a steelhead fillet for dinner. For those of you not familiar with steelhead, it apparently is related to trout, but has a nice red firm flesh very similar to salmon. I put it in a shallow baking dish, topped with lemon slices, pats of butter and a couple of sprigs of rosemary. Baked 10 minutes per inch of thickness at 400 degrees.

I bought the fillet from a local grocery store, not normally where I buy fish, because I just don't think their fish looks that good. However, this one appeared fresh in the package, and had just been packed the day before. Big mistake. The fish wasn't very fresh and had a very fishy taste, which is unusual for good, fresh fish.

Anyway, had the fish been fresh, this would have been a fantastic dinner. I served the fish alongside steamed green beans and couscous. Couscous is so very easy to make when you want a side dish that takes no time at all. You just pour boiling water over the couscous grains and let sit covered for five minutes and then fluff with a fork. You gotta love any recipe that ends with instructions to "fluff."


Elra said...

It happen sometimes, that is why I don't like to buy fish that comes in the package. It looks good though from your photo.
Oh I love couscous, my second fave after rice.
By the way, when the first I saw in your foto, I thought it was salmon. Now I know...

Jeff Lopez-Stuit said...

Steelhead *are* trout. Steelhead are the same species as rainbow trout, but they migrate to the ocean, while the rainbow trout stay in fresh water their whole lives.

Did you get this from Safeway? I've caught them adding color to trout in order to make it look like salmon.

Roxanne said...

Thanks, Elra, for your comment. I looked at your baking blog and I think that your photographs are wonderful!

Roxanne said...

Thanks for the info about steelhead, Jeff!

Nope, I didn't get the fish from Safeway. I knew they added color to their salmon, due to a lawsuit that was filed a few years back against them.

I got the fish from our local "Trading Company" grocery store - stay away from their fish for sure!

See you for dinner tonight. I'm making Cambodian Pork Curry for this week's My Kitchen My World recipe.