Sunday, January 17, 2010

Please don't let this be a yearly occurence.

Last year about three weeks before the bar exam, I fell down not one, but TWO, flights of stairs. I had some of the worst bruising I have ever seen. And, in my former career as a personal injury paralegal, I've seen some bad bruising. I was black and blue from my hands up my arms to above my elbow, and then down my flank, right hip, down my leg to my ankle, plus the outside of my left knee where I bounced past the landing. Fun times (NOT)!

Today, nearly one year later, I fell down another flight of stairs. Thankfully it was a short flight, and the landing was at a 45 degree angle so I didn't continue down the next much longer flight of stairs. I bashed up my elbow a little and am a little sore - so this is absolutely nothing like the last time.

So, the lessons learned from my two falls?

1. Don't leave the shower soapy and try hurrying down the stairs to see if you are burning down the house by leaving the kettle on the stove (that was the source of last year's fall); and

2. Don't wear socks that have the little grippy deals on the bottom falling off because of the dryer. Buy new socks, or even better, slippers. That was today's lesson.



Ivy said...

Umm, have you considered giving up tea?

Roxanne said...

Never. By no means. On no account. In no way. Absolutely not. Never.