Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Apricot Tart that Wasn't (sarcastic "Thanks" to Costco)

I picked up a new camera from Costco this morning. My other one broke during Marlo and my trip to France last Spring (as in 2009, not 2010), which I failed to blog about (my apologies). Anyway, fast-forward over one year later, and I figured it wasn't worth getting my other one fixed since my new camera has 12.1 megapixels and a 12x zoom. My older one only had a 3x zoom and I found myself wishing I had more ooph in the zoom department when taking pictures in Europe. Pair self-justification with a coupon from Costco and Presto! new camera. I'm hoping this translates to more blogging as I find it boring to post without pictures of some sort.

Which brings me to the point of today's post. While at Costco, I picked up a clam-shell of California Apricots. I had visions of luscious, juicy apricots baked into a rustic tart. I got the crust ready (frozen crust from Trader Joe's, which I rolled out a little to fit into the only tart pan I own. It was then that I realized that the apricots are hard as rocks. Solid. No give. No juicy apricot-y smell. Nothing but pure disappointment.

So, I switched gears and sliced up three juicy, ripe nectarines. I haven't sliced into the tart yet so I cannot comment on the success or failure of this venture. At the moment it seems to be a bit liquid-y despite the King Aurthur pie filling enhancer I added to the raw ingredients that is supposed to thicken the filling.

It looks pretty, though.


Anonymous said...

Thats right woman fix that food. Haha happy i finally read ur blog?

Roxanne said...

Little Miss Marlo -
It always makes my heart sing when you pay any attention at all to your dear mother. :)

Roxanne said...

Update: When the tart cooled completely, the filling wasn't liquid-y at all. It was nicely set. At first, I thought the nectarines were too tart and that I should have added more sugar. However, after a few bites I got used to the little edge of tartness and thought it was quite perfect.