Friday, March 21, 2008

The Blog’s Purpose

As most of you know, I began this blog to chronicle my study abroad in Europe and so that my friends and family could follow my adventures. Obviously, the blog’s focus has shifted quite a bit since last summer. If I were to characterize its purpose, I would say that I now write blog entries for three reasons:

  • The first is to have a forum to express my thoughts, political outrage, happiness or angst.
  • The second is so that Marlo can one day go back and read the entries (it is ok if they are no longer online, I’ve got them saved locally) and remember who I was as a person and also share me with her children if I am no longer around – who I was, what I stood for, what I liked and disliked, and what sort of things I found interesting or noteworthy.
  • Finally, I would say that I write in the blog to chronicle my little piece of history. My dad often tells stories about his childhood or about the time before he was married, but sometimes is sketchy on the details. Same goes with my mom. In case I can’t remember the interesting things that happened to me in my “youth,” I want to document them now.

Of course, side benefits of the blog include my friends’ ability to connect with me and what is happening in my life in moments when I am too busy with law school to talk to them (yes, I am aware this is unhealthy) and, potentially, for the man of my dreams to come across, read and decide he can’t live without someone with my particular mixture of intelligence, sarcasm, wit and feeling.

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