Monday, January 28, 2008

Do you see an escape route here?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about a Seattle man caught groping a woman on an airplane, causing the flight to be diverted to Pittsburgh. (See “Free Advice to Stupid Criminals.”) Recently, the Seattle Times reported that a 40-year-old sailor was caught groping a 13-year-old on a flight from Honolulu to Phoenix.

Then, as now, I am amazed that the perpetrators did not consider that the chances of escape are almost non-existent. After all, they are hurling through the sky in an aluminum tube at a high rate of speed. I understand that many crimes are just plain stupid to begin with, but it seems that the possibility of getting away with the crime would be at the forefront of a criminal’s considerations. [fn. 1]

Apparently not.

1. The article also reported that the sailor, “initially denied physical contact, but later said he fondled himself while sitting next to the girl.” To all criminals who think that this explanation makes the sailor’s situation better, please, when caught by the police, shut up and call an attorney.

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