Saturday, January 5, 2008

You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

A while back, there was a movie titled, "A Christmas Story." In the film, this little kid was warned by adults over and over again, "You'll shoot your eye out" as he wanted to try different things. It was one of the recurring humorous bits in the movie.

Of course, the reason it was funny is that we were all warned by our parents about the dire consequences of various actions, all of which never really came to pass. An example: "Stop it or your face will freeze like that."

As a teenager, one of the more frustrating admonitions was constantly being told, "Turn down the music or you'll go deaf."

Today, Marlo and I are both working on homework (I'll be returning to mine as soon as I'm done writing this post.) She's in her room and I'm in the living room. We're both listening to music on our computers. Mine, of course, is really low. So, we have the following conversation:

Me: "Marlo, is that your music or from upstairs?"

Marlo: "It's mine."

Me: "Turn it down; it's too loud.


Me: "Turn it down."

Marlo: "I did!"

Me: "Turn it down more."


Me: "More, please!"


Me: "Turn it down more, or you'll damage your hearing."

Sigh. With only one year to go, I've officially entered the ranks of a parent of a teen.

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