Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Like watching a train wreck.

I'm sitting here reading the news on my laptop. I've got the Food Network playing on TV in the background. What's playing? Anthony Bourdain's "A Cook's Tour." It is a fascinating show where he travels the world and tries new and exotic foods. Today's episode, he's in Vietnam.

I watch the beginning of the show with some interest. He goes to the open air market and starts with Pho. This particular episode is old, so at the time it was filmed, Pho was unusual - and might still be in other parts of the country. For Seattlelites, Pho is everyday lunch fare.

The show went downhill from there. At the market he tried fetal duck egg, featuring a fertilized duck egg, halfway through gestation, soft-boiled. A disgusting mess of feathers, a beak, etc, all with egg-white type material surrounding it. Ewww.

The final dishes in the show were beating Cobra heart, cut out of a life Cobra. This was followed by other dishes made from the Cobra such as Cobra blood cocktail, etc. One might wonder why anyone would try these dishes. Apparently, they are famous for enhancing male stamina and virility.

The last dish was some sort of worm that looked like the big fat grubs that crawled out Edgar in the movie "Men in Black." Again - EEWWW!

Normally I get hungry when I watch the Food Network. That just isn't happening tonight. Likewise, I normally love to try new foods from different countries and cultures. I have to admit after watching this show, I am not as adventurous as I formerly believed myself to be.

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