Saturday, September 20, 2008

As it should be.

I had great success in my kitchen today.

I began the day mixing up some cinnamon streusel quick bread, so Marlo could take it to the neighbors to make up for the party that she threw the weekend before I came home from Oklahoma. I admit it - this was from a mix so it was pretty hard to mess up.

Yesterday, I mixed up the dough for No-Knead Bread. Today, I finished the last few steps and baked it. (See The Steamy Kitchen blog for pictures and directions so easy a child could execute them.) I used my new Le Creuset red 5 quart dutch oven and it worked like a dream!

About the same time I was baking the bread, Dad came over to put up a new kitchen light fixture that I bought last week at Lowes. (The old one barely put out more light than a child's night-light.) Anyway, I took the bread out of the oven while he was still standing on the step ladder fighting with the light. It was wonderfully crusty and light and smelled like heaven. I cut him a chunk of the bread to take home for he and Mom to eat at dinner. About an hour and a half later, I got a call from Mom to tell me that the bread was really good and that Dad wanted me to make them a whole loaf if it wasn't too much trouble.

No trouble at all! This bread is seriously easy so long as you can just let it sit and rise for 12-20 hours. Since tomorrow is Sunday, that works for me. I've already got Dad's batch mixed up and rising.

I'm frustrated though that I cannot find my camera battery charger after the move upstairs. I wish I could right now!. I also made an Italian Plum Clafouti. This picture isn't mine - I borrowed it from the web - but mine turned out just as beautiful!

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