Sunday, September 21, 2008

A mix of good and bad.

Good - I slept in until 10:45.

Bad - I was still tired.

Good - I made more No-Knead Bread for Dad.

Bad - the dough stuck to the towel during the second rise, despite the fact that I floured the heck out of it.

Good - It tasted great anyway, according to Mom who called me about 15 minutes after I dropped it off.

Bad - Jonathan didn't come to paint for the second day in a row and my house is half-painted, not moved into, and is making me crazy.

Good - I had a quiet day at home by myself since Marlo was at work.

Bad - School starts tomorrow.

Good - I only have ten weeks more of school to go.

Bad - I only lost one pound this week.

Good - I'm still 3 lbs ahead of schedule.

All in all, it wasn't too bad today. I made a vegetable frittata again today for lunch. This time, only a tiny bit along the edge stayed in the pan when I turned it over onto the serving dish. I think my cast iron pan is becoming better seasoned. Maybe next time, the frittata will drop out like a dream. Tasted good anyway.

When Marlo came home from work, we had soft tacos made with ground turkey and whole wheat tortillas. Over the summer, she developed a liking for avocados and sour cream - both foods she wouldn't touch before. So, we were able to include those. However, Marlo still won't touch raw tomatoes. I had an heirloom tomato I tried to get her to taste, but she refused. However, I'm taking the avocado & sour cream shift as a sign of hope.

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