Friday, September 14, 2007

Hey Shawna! Saw this and thought of you. *Updated*

When my sister Shawna was little, she insisted that she was not a member of our family, but rather was born from an ostrich. She didn't look like the rest of us girls; she had straight dark hair and an olive complexion. (You can see that her logic skills weren't very developed or she would have thought she was a descendant of ravens.) Plus, she was a middle child and suffers** from a severe case of middle child syndrome. ' nuf said.

So, Shawna would get upset about something, stick her head between two pillows and her butt in the air and would cry, "I don't belong to this family!" This could be the root of why she lives in Oklahoma while the rest of us live in Washington.

Anyway, I saw this photo at the Benedictine Monastery and thought of her. Of course, I found out later that these are not ostrich and are pelicans. Sorry, Shawna.

** Shawna sent me an email requesting that I change this to "suffered from," but I refused. It really is a present case of overachieving middle child syndrome, as evidenced by the fact that she sent me the email at nearly midnight.

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awayfrmitall said...

Ok this post is just way too funny for more reason's than I can even count.