Friday, August 3, 2007

Blog Update Coming Soon

Today, I am writing a ten page paper on the evolution and future of international law. Tomorrow I have the last set of final exams (death penalty / women's rights).

Right after my last test tomorrow, I am taking a taxi back to the apartment to pick up my bags and heading directly to the train station. The train to Paris leaves at 4:50. This means that in addition to writing my paper and studying for tomorrow's exams, I am also packing and cleaning the apartment today. Busy, busy, busy.

I'll get the blog updated as soon as I can. As you can see, I have several more posts to complete from my stay in the Netherlands.

I do not know for certain what my internet situation will be once I get to France, but I do know that the island that Jacqueline & Pierre live on has an Internet cafe. The worst case scenario is that I will write the blog entries off-line and then upload them periodically.

1 comment:

Anjali said...

Good luck with your tests.

Hey, I have an idea, how about if I go to Amsterdam and help you pack? :-)

love ya, Anj