Friday, August 24, 2007

Chez Pascale

Pascale met the Thalys train, which arrived at 21:08 at the Gare du Nord. She looks so much like Jacqueline that we had no trouble finding each other. The plan was for us to spend Saturday and Sunday nights at Pascale's house at Crouy-sur-Ourcq before traveling together to Ile d'Yeu on Monday, August 6th.

Crouy-sur-Ourq is northwest of Paris, near the town of Meaux, where Brie is made (fn. 1).

Pascale lives in a beautiful old house called "Villa Sainte Helene." She has decorated it beautifully. It was so wonderful and relaxing to spend two days in at Pascale's home after my final exams. She took really good care of me.

After going through the welcoming front door into the entry, the dining room is on the right.

The sitting room is on the left off the entry.

I slept in this beautiful bedroom. When I opened my shutters the first morning, these cows were outside my window. A nice change from drunken students.

Along with being a gifted decorator, Pascale also mattes and frames pictures and photographs herself. Here is a selection of her work.

An amusing aside:

Pascale loves to drive and has a cute, new snazzy car - a VW bug. She drives like most Europeans (fast). While we were driving to her house from the train station, her husband, Bernard called us on the cell phone. He told me to have Pascale pay attention to her speed because sometimes she goes too fast.

When I told her what Bernard said, she got indignant and said she wasn't going fast. I took photographs of the road and her speedometer. 128 kilometers per hour is 79.5 mph. On a country, two lane road. Now you know why I took the photograph - it was memorable.

Fn. 1:

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