Friday, August 24, 2007

The apartment in Rome

The apartment in Rome is fantastic. It is a one-bedroom, but has a sleeper sofa in the living room. Tessa and I are splitting the bedroom two weeks each. She let me take the first round. The first night I thought that I had made a big mistake, but I bought a fan and now the bedroom is perfectly comfortable.

The apartment is so much more comfortable and homey than my apartment in Amsterdam. This one has a great assortment of dishes, towels, an iron, decorations, clocks and other things that make a space a home.

There is a great big door leading from the street into a courtyard. Then, we go up two flights of stairs to the top story where are apartment is.

The bedroom overlooks the courtyard and the living room / dining room overlook the street. Our street allows vehicle traffic, but it is tiny and only residents drive down it.

The locks are interesting. The lock on the great big door from the street uses a small key to open the lock. In contrast, the key to the apartment door is guargantuan and is used both inside and outside to open and close three seperate deadbolts that go from the door deep into the door jam. I think thieves would find it nearly impossible to open the door. I believe that burglary must be or must have been a big issue here because the locks really are strong - and the two windows in the apartment that are sort of close to a ledge are covered with steel bars, even though we are on the upper floor and someone would really risk life and limb to cross over.

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