Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chiesa de S Pantaleo

On my way back from the pharmacy, I continued with my determination to enter any open church that I pass and went into the Chiesa de S. Pantaleo. However, I only took these two photographs because there was an "Avviso" on the door that said:

Durante I mesi di luglio e agosto non ci sara la messa vespertina nei giorni feriali. Ci sara invece nei giorni prefestivi e festivi, e nei triduo e festa di S. Giuseppe Calasanzio (22-25 agosto). L’orario normale riprendera nei mese di settembre.

I couldn't understand anything in the announcement except that some event was happening 22-25 August (today is the 25th) and that "normal hours restart in September." Therefore, I decided to be cautious in my picture taking. I'll go back later on and examine the church more thoroughly when I am certain that it is not prohibited.

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