Friday, August 24, 2007

Au restaurant: Two wishes in one night

The French have this thing that when you try something for the first time, you get to make a wish. Well, I got to make two wishes in one night.

When I lived with Jacqueline & Pierre back in 1985-1986, we never went out to eat. This is because Jacqueline didn't like restaurants - and she is a FABULOUS COOK!!!!The night after Bernard left with his boat (see post titled, "Le Bateau de Bernard") we went out to dinner at a Creperie. It was a first for me eating in a restaurant in France and also a first for me to try crepes in France.

We drank cider, which is a lightly alcoholic drink made from apples. I'm not quite sure what the distinction is in the U.S. between apple juice and apple cider, but neither appear to be alcoholic. This drink was slightly tart and fermented, not like wine, but not like juice either. It was good.

We each started with a savory crepe, which is called a "galette." I got one that was filled with smoked salmon, creme fraiche and green onion. It was very good. It was like having a thinly stuffed omelet, but with crepe surrounding it instead of eggs.

Then, we each had a sweet crepe for dessert (called a crepe because it is sweet.) Pascale and Pierre each got an enormous creation called a "Total Royal," which was filled with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, etc. Jacqueline got a butter and sugar crepe. I asked her what I should get if I wanted a truly French experience and she told me that the butter and sugar crepe was traditional. It was sublime.

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