Friday, August 29, 2008

Another day of feeling desperately homesick

Just thought I'd warn you with the title that this is not likely to be a cheerful post. I really just want to go home. If it wouldn't prevent me from graduating from law school in December, something I actually hate more than Tulsa, Oklahoma, I'd pack up right now and get on a plane. As it is, though, I'm sticking it out.

Today's food diary is:


Vanilla flavored Greek yogurt. It was grainy and didn't taste very good. I prefer plain Greek yogurt to which I add a drizzle of honey on top.

Lunch (this was almost entirely comprised of little bits of leftovers):

Leftover shredded carrot salad (shredded carrots, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper)
Leftover homemade sausage half
Leftover ham, pasta & peas from dinner the night before (a few mouthfuls of each)
3 Asparagus spears


Pea, prosciutto & pasta salad - about 1/2 cup
Spinach & bacon quiche
Blanched green beans
1/4 cup ice cream with 2 tea cookies crumbled in

I got everything except the dessert from the deli that is attached to the Stonehorse Cafe here in Tulsa - one of the only good things about this city. Really great, restaurant quality food at not crazy prices. No bargain, mind you, but much better than eating out. For example, everything I got for dinner was a little over $7. More expensive than home cooking, but I am the only person eating and it seems crazy to make an entire quiche just to have it go bad in the fridge.

Anyway, for some reason their blanched green beans are always much better than the ones I make at home. It didn't make sense to me since blanching veggies isn't exactly rocket science. I talked to the nice girl at the deli, Emily, who told me to salt the water "like the ocean," salty, but not offensively so. Boil the green beans for 6-8 minutes and then shock them in ice water when done. That's the step I've been missing. So, now I'm ready to try it again. The green beans end up cooked, but still firm, not crispy yet still green. Nummy and very good for you.

Tomorrow morning is the one-week weigh in and like I said yesterday, I am feeling very optomistic. I felt like slacking off on drinking water today, but picked it up when I remembered that tomorrow is the day I get on the scale. So, I'm slugging down as much as I can stand - I'm still probably running "a quart low," as my dad would say.

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