Sunday, August 31, 2008

Like a busy little bee

Yesterday morning, I wasn't able to get on the scale until I had drunk several cups of coffee, eaten breakfast and was dressed. So, I decided to weigh in this morning instead. Depending on which number you go with, I have lost between 2-1/2 and 4 lbs this past week. No matter how you look at it, I'm ahead of target. Of course, my target is an average of 8 lbs every 4 weeks, so I'm not re-adjusting the end goal unless I consistently stay ahead of target for several weeks.

A quick recap of yesterday's food diary - as you know, Friday's dinner was a bit on the high-fat side, so I tried to compensate (according to the French principles) by eating a bit lighter yesterday:


Greek yogurt & honey
Honeydew melon
1 slice sprouted wheat toast


Tomato, cucumber & tuna lemony-salad


Cold corn soup
Roast chicken
Brussels sprouts
Ginger carrots
3 tea cookies

Today's menu is:


1/2 croissant
1 scrambled egg with a little cream cheese
Sliced tomato (locally grown - very good)

My original lunch plans were:

Sliced cucumber with a little hummus and a few olives
Turkey burger w/ tomato (no bun)
Small slice baguette with feta cheese
Fruit (not sure what - I have some grapes and peaches)

However, I found some leftover low-sodium ham that needed to be used up (while the turkey burgers are frozen and aren't going to go bad). So, I ended up having:

Blanched green beans
Small slice baguette and feta

I wasn't hungry enough for an entree or fruit - probably due to all the tasting that occurs while one is cooking (see below).


Cold zucchini soup (see below)
Roast pork loin
Roasted cauliflower (see below)

Today, I am spending some time cooking things for this coming week.

First thing I did this morning was put the carcass from my roast chicken into a stock pot to make some chicken stock. This is still simmering as I write this. It smells heavenly. As soon as it is done, I will strain it, put it into the fridge and then skim any fat off of it.

Also, right now in the oven, I have cauliflower roasting. When it and the chicken broth is done, I am going to use half of it to make roast cauliflower soup, which unlike the other soups I have been making, is served warm.

The other thing I am going to use the chicken broth for is to make a cold zucchini-basil soup.

The final thing on today's menu for cooking is to make some more of the lemony-potato salad that I made last week, which is a few yellow potatoes boiled and then tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, green onion and Italian flat-leaf parsley.

So far, I haven't burned Renee's kitchen down (crossing fingers here). And, the food has turned out really good. I just wish that Marlo were here to witness it.

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