Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm so sick I could fall on my face. Oh wait - I did!

I continued my plan today. A quick recap of what I ate today.

For breakfast, I had non-fat Greek yogurt with some honey. Greek yogurt is yogurt that has had extra moisture strained out of it so it is deliciously thick and creamy, even the non-fat kind.

For lunch, I had the cold corn soup I made yesterday, some lower-sodium ham, and peas. I was going to eat a peach, but I was full after lunch so I saved it for a late afternoon snack.

Typically, snacking is outside the French mode of sustenance. However, everything I ate up until then was very low fat so the satiety-factor was rather low. I was really eating carefully because we were planning on having a surprise birthday party for Renee this evening at Tei Kei's, a local Asian fusion restaurant. I find that eating out in American restaurants is tricky because the portions are huge and the food often very high-calorie. So, I was eating less this morning and at lunch to compensate in advance.

Unfortunately, Renee did not return in time from her out-of-town weekend trip so we had to call off her party late this afternoon. Plus, up until this moment today I have been saying, "I'm coming down with something." You know what, it's not future-tense anymore. I've come down with something. I feel so yucky, I could cry for my mother. Thus, for dinner I ended up having chicken soup and a roll.

About falling down. I was at the office working at my second job when I heard the front door open. I got up to see who it was and ended up tripping on some cardboard that had been left on the conference room stairs. That, coupled with not feeling well and being a little unbalanced, and I fell down and scraped up my knee and got banged up a little. I'm too old to be falling down. The only thing good about any of it was that no one witnessed the gracefulness (not) of my tumble.

Anyway, I've now taken two Nyquil capsules, one Aleve, and am sitting in bed waiting for them to kick in so I can get a good night's sleep. Hopefully, all will be well in the morning.

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