Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dumb Design of the Day

My father, the former Boeing engineer, has a knack for pointing out things with less than optimal designs. Well, Dad, I've got one for you, too.

Today I made a cold corn soup, which actually required cooking prior to being chilled. The design of the Jenn-Air cook top in Renee's kitchen is simply stupid. Some moron of a designer put the knobs in the middle where everything you cook splatters.

Of course, they also appeared to have made it so the knobs are not removable for easy cleaning (I could be wrong on this, but also didn't want to "force" things and accidentally end up breaking Renee's stove if I was wrong - let's just say they aren't easily removable).

Also, while Renee's house is simply beautiful, the amount of space between the cook top and the over-the-stove microwave and vent hood is insufficient. I actually had to take the stock pot off the stove to be able to pour additional ingredients into it from another bowl. In fact, it is so low that in the photo you can see the spatters on the front of the microwave from cooking beneath it.

I will say, though, that despite my griping, cooking in Renee's kitchen is far more enjoyable than my teeny kitchen at home. I just think that for such a lovely home, a few design issues could have been thought out more. Because, unfortunately, the clean-up definitely detracted from the pleasure.

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