Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tonight's Check In

I've had a long day working and am feeling very homesick. I miss my own house, my own space, my friends and my cat. I want to go home. However, I have two weeks left here in Oklahoma so I just have to keep moving forward. I really do love working for the judge and I do think that experience makes this all worthwhile. I'm just ready for it to be over. 3 months is a long time to be away from home.

Anyway, today's food log is:


Fiber One cereal with milk and a cut-up peach


Chilled corn soup with baby shrimp
Asparagus spears with balsamic vinagrette
Roast chicken breast
1 small slice of baguette and some brie


Shredded carrots with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Low salt ham
3 tea cookies

I'm doing really well and am looking forward to my weigh in on Saturday. I feel like I'll be right on track. I do need to increase my activity level a lot and continue to drink lots of water. However, for right now in the situation I am in, I am pleased.

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