Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Comes on fast, goes away slow.

Anyone who is a perpetual dieter will understand the feeling that one gets two or three days into a new regime, before it has become second nature or a lifestyle. That sentiment is, "What! I've been good for 2 whole days - why am I not a size six already?!?!"

Anyway, while I wish I was progressing faster (who doesn't?), my new lifestyle is actually very pleasant and fulfilling. I am still very low on the activity side of the scale - mostly because I am still down here in Tulsa where the mass transit does not go very many places and it is sweltering and humid. Once I beat this flu, I'll probably start taking walks in a mall after dinner.

Today's food log check in is as follows:


Fresh local peaches (these were quite good)
1 slice whole grain toast with butter


Cucumber with some hummus
Piece of baguette and feta cheese
(I made some tuna-tomato salad, but have diminished hunger from not feeling well)


A few tiny pickled beets
3 stalks asparagus & dressing
Roast chicken thigh
Brussels sprouts
1/4 cup vanilla ice cream with two tea cookies crumbled in

I'll check in again tomorrow, hopefully feeling better, and perhaps with a few witty observations. :)

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