Monday, October 8, 2007

Not enough between me and my Calvins

Before leaving to Europe, I bought a great pair of dark wash Calvin Klein jeans, which I hardly wore. I knew they were a little big when I returned due to the weight I lost in Europe. However, like most women, I insisted on wearing them because they were expensive and I haven't gotten to wear them enough.

However, last night I realized that I really cannot wear them anymore. I was at a friends house watching Syrianna and every time I stood up from the couch, I'd have to hitch them up. Walking to my car at the end of the evening, I seriously wondered if I'd have to hold on to them to keep them from falling down over my hips. Looks ridiculous on both counts. So, I'll be passing these on to one of my tall friends (I bought them long enough to wear over heels or boots) and will be finding another pair of dark, sexy jeans in a smaller size.

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