Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why seek enlightenment?

Jeanette Cissell was diagnosed with Grade IV astrocytomas in late January, 2007 and died yesterday.

However, who Jeanette was is not defined by her death. Her life was special. She was a powerful woman who dedicated her life to empowering others. She had a special knack for pissing me off, but always made the difference she was committed to. I am the leader and powerful woman I am today, partly owing to Jeanette's fierceness.

Grant LaMora, a Landmark Education staffer, wrote about Jeanette:

"When a certain monk was asked 'Why seek enlightenment?', he replied 'So that you may bring it to others'. Jeanette made this her mission, and every action in her life had at its heart the fulfillment of this - bringing possibility to the lives of others. In this way she was truly a Bodhisattva."

After her diagnosis, her friends started a website at which chronicles her fight to regain her health. Also, there is a guestbook signed by people the world over. By reading the entries, you really get a sense of the difference and lasting impact Jeanette made with her life.

Mankind is a little poorer today.

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Nathan Kirk said...

I am a little poorer today. I've been searching for my IFLP trainer, Jan Simon, and it occurred to me maybe Jeanette would know where Jan was--and I found this. Gawd, it makes me sad. So committed, so energetic, so cheerfully focused on everyone's development, so beautiful.