Monday, October 1, 2007

Whew! Sometimes you just gonna admit you're human.

I tend to be one of those driven types who always wants to do well. However, sometimes enough is enough. I did 20 credits of coursework this summer, returned on a Friday and started 16 credits of coursework the following Monday. I've been scrambling for the past week trying to get my schoolwork done, while getting over jet lag, a cold, getting my daughter re-settled in, and living in a half-packed house (for the move to our new apartment as soon as construction is done). Is your head spinning 'round and 'round yet? That's the experience of it all.

This morning, I came into school early to try to get some work done for my afternoon class. After an hour, it was readily apparent that I was not going to be finished in time. I thought, "Why am I pushing it this hard - is this really necessary?" I went upstairs and met with the Academic Services advisor to confirm that I can drop a class this fall and still graduate in December 2008. I'll have to do some slight juggling along the way, but what's new?

I officially dropped the class about a half-hour ago and I feel SO RELIEVED!!!!! One thing I can say about my time in Europe is that it took me out of my crazy over-achieving environment long enough for me to stop and examine whether that amount of stress was actually worth the cost. (Answer in this instance: "No!") I want to have enough time to enjoy a little of my week - to watch a movie, read a novel, cuddle up on the couch with a blanket and a hot drink. You know, the types of things that will have Shawna, my middle-child-syndrome-stricken sister, think I'm a slacker.

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