Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bigger is not always better.

Every spring in Seattle, we get these great big fat red strawberries from California - and they taste like NOTHING. But they are big, red, plump, look appealing so they sell. God bless the American consumer. We buy stuff because it looks good even when it is really crappy.

I bought these strawberries the other day in the supermarket Albert Heijn here in Amsterdam. They are locally grown. Some of them are very small, about the size of the tip of your finger. And some don't look all that pretty. But they smell fantastic - and even better, they taste like strawberries, sweet and juicy.

If this is what you get in the supermarket, I can't wait until I go to the open air market on Monday. I'd take these tiny little gems over a Hummer of a strawberry any day.

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awayfrmitall said...

Nice new posts and all but don't forget to fill us in on what happened when you told the Apt. people about your flood...