Saturday, July 14, 2007

What is dutch for "cross-ventilation?"

My new apartment is wonderful, but is of a long and narrow construction. (The picture is a "stock" photograph and not of my room specifically, which has an orange wall instead of green.)

My room opens up to a hallway so there is no way to create a cross-breeze from the window. (Not that I'd sit here in my nightgown with the door open to the hallway anyway). Probably affecting the mix is that my window faces west (I think) so the sun seems to hit the window directly. I do keep the curtain closed most of the day.

Anyway, I'll be breaking down soon and buying a fan because it gets so muggy and hot - even when there are clouds. It's hard to think of the amount of stuff I'll be leaving behind that I've purchased to make my stay more comfortable. Hopefully the next student to occupy the apartment will appreciate the comforts.

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