Sunday, July 22, 2007

The commute home.

I snapped this picture because it caught my eye as significant and different (I know, I know - what isn't different here?) to see a flight attendant lugging her bags home as a pedestrian. Well, maybe they do in New York and other cities where people don't have vehicles similar to Amsterdam, but for a Seattlite, it was noteworthy to me.

I have been walking a lot here. I walk at least 15-20 minutes each way to school. Most days on the way home I take a diversion and walk a long way in a different direction to see new things. Today on my way home from spending the day with my classmate, Ami, I found the Red Light District, Old Church and the New Church as well. Of course, there are walks to the grocery store and to the markets. I have only taken a tram on two different days (roundtrip) and taxis three times, one of which was to move into my new apartment. Unfortunately, I don't think that all this walking has resulted in much weight loss - it probably has only served to offset the cheese and occasional chocolate that has found its way into my diet.

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