Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A short stop in Holysloot *Corrected*

After leaving Ransdorp, we drove to the village of Holysloot, where Frank lived for a short while a few years ago. The village is very small - maybe 30 houses. At the time Frank resided there it had no commercial establishments.

However, there is now a cafe where, for no good reason, I snapped a picture of Frank reading a map.

Frank lived in this little yellow house. Ordinances prohibit "sprawl" so houses are built close together - sometimes two to a lot. Frank found the town too remote and because he didn't make the effort to be social with the town's inhabitants, he felt isolated.

It is rural - a field of sheep is directly across the road. I would find a village like this peaceful to do research or write a book, but I wouldn't enjoy it for long periods of time either.

Most of the houses in the town were like this. Tight together, but very neat, tidy and pretty.

I found this to be the most interesting house in the entire town. The old church had been converted to a residence. The interior was rather modern with an open stairwell and loft.

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