Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kelly's Version of Heaven: The Markets

For those of you who don't know, my eldest sister Kelly is a gourmet cook. If Kelly ever comes to Amsterdam - or pretty much anywhere in Europe save England - she'll have to rent an apartment with a kitchen to take advantage of the markets.

I already posted about the Albert Cuyp market (see previous post), which runs Monday through Saturday. Near my apartment, every Saturday morning, there is an organic food market in the square in front of the church. I like this market better than the Albert Cuyp market because it doesn't have the drug store and cheap clothing stalls, etc. It seems much more like a neighborhood market. It has flowers, fruits, vegetables, and also farmers selling locally produced honey and cheeses. There even was a whole stall for different varieties of mushrooms (see picture).

I really don't understand why traditional Dutch food is only a step-above British fare because the farmers markets are fantastic.*

*Note: More comptemporary food in the Netherlands is very enjoyable.

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