Friday, July 6, 2007

Let me back out!

The apartment is FILTHY.

Like a good attorney, the first thing I do is read on the paperwork that was distributed from the leasing company. It states that the apartments are supposed to be clean and we will be required to leave them clean when we depart. The documents instruct that if there is a problem to contact the head of my program who will contact the leasing company. So, I leave in search of a phone to call Professor Larson.

I go to a university office across a plaza to ask if I can use their phone to call the professor. The lady at the desk asks me if I am part of the "Summer Institute." I assume that I am so I respond affirmatively. She then tells me that I should go to the "Summer Institute's" office to use their phone.

I promptly burst into tears.

Desk Lady takes pity on me and dials the professor. I tell him that apartment is disgusting. He says he'll call the leasing company and to call him back in 20 minutes. After I hang up, the Desk Lady, who had heard my conversation and read through some more of the paperwork that I had, calls the Resident Assistant for my building and tells her what is happening. The Resident Assistant says she will come right over.

The Resident Assistant comes over and we tour the apartment. She agrees that it is filthy and calls the leasing company to send a cleaning crew over. While cleaning crew is here, I depart (without showering first due to the disgusting bathroom) for the grocery store and go buy some food and clothes hangers. I think things are looking up.

I arrive back "home" and the apartment is cleaner - not overly disgusting, but livable. Instead of the Resident Assistant, representative from the Leasing Company is here and explains to me that while they were able to clean the rest of the apartment, the yellowing walls near the window are because they had a water leak and the walls had not been repaired yet. I tell him I don't care about the yellowed walls, only care about actual dirt.

I should have cared.

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