Friday, July 20, 2007

Thank god for Jamie and Skype

There have been students making noise in the courtyard late into the evening. It is a little different than the last apartment in that these are not obnoxius, drunk students, but rather students simply enjoying themselves. I try to cut them a lot of slack and recognize that I am "really old" in their world.

Last night, I was really tired - and gettting worried because of exams tomorrow (yikes!). Anyway, I didn't say anything until about 11:30, when I leaned out my window and asked them nicely to be quiet. Nada. No response, no difference.

I then tried to call the RA using the skype on my computer. It connected, but she couldn't hear me. "Hello? Hello?" Nada again.

During this whole process, which was frustrating, one of the students called out to a friend, "Matt!" really loud. I yelled, "For God Sakes! It is nearly midnight! Shut up!" Nada again again.

Finally, I called Jamie using my skype - she could hear me. She conferenced in the RA (once we figured out how to dial the Netherlands from the US) and I was able to ask the RA to intervene, which she did immediately.

So, I finally was able to go to sleep a bit after midnight. I emailed the RA today to let her know that finals are tomorrow so she can be aware and maybe be vigilant toward the noisemakers.

It probably won't be necessary though because unlike the last few evenings that have had very fine weather, it is now pouring down rain. Yipee! I never thought rain would be cause for celebration, but it is tonight.

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