Thursday, July 12, 2007

Love the new pad!

I am so happy. My new apartment is so much better!

To compare, my first apartment, was located at Prins Henrichacht 189, #A36. In addition to the leak and loud students described previously, the complex is on a
major thoroughfare. You could hear sirens, cars and motorcycles all night long. It also wasn't very pretty. (See pictures to the right.)

The new apartment is in a residential neighborhood on a canal. Even though it is in a "residential" neighborhood, there are nice cafes and shops about 3 blocks north. However, these cafes and shops don't have the same "touristy" feel as other neighborhoods. This feels dutch.

My apartment doesn't face the canal, but rather faces a garden, with a second canal in the background, which you cannot quite see. It is very picturesque. (See pictures taken from my apartment window to the left.)

Out my window, I hear birds chirping and church bells ringing from the Westerkirk (West Church). Alternatively, there is a theater troop from New York University in the same building and sometimes they are in the garden practicing singing their shows. It's nice.

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