Saturday, July 14, 2007

A fantastic bit of chocolate-y goodness

There was a New York Times article the other day about the virtues of cheap English chocolate bars. Check it out at

Yes, there is fantastic, but expensive, chocolates in the Netherlands - and particularly Belgium (home of Godiva, et al.). However, the cheap stuff is good too. Unlike our Hershey's chocolate which is rather bitter, the chocolate made by Nestle / Cadbury / Mars over here is smooth and creamy and oh! so good!

My favorite is the Lion bar, which is nearly impossible to get in the states. It is "fabrique en France" by Nestle. It is a chocolate covered crispy rice, wafer and carmel bar. Something like a cross between a kit-kat and a 1000 Grand bar. It is difficult to describe. Simply sublime.

It is a good thing that people here walk or bike for miles each day. With such fantastic cheese and chocolate (bread in France is better, IMHO), I think the dutch would have an obesity problem to rival America's without their daily physical exertion.

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