Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Edam: the perfect Dutch town.

Frank and I had dinner in Edam (where the cheese is from). The town is beautiful. Canals and flowers everywhere. The buildings were mostly a pretty pink brick. We parked on the outskirts and walked into the center.

Along the street from the car park into the center was a wide canal. On the opposite bank were beautiful gardens and buildings (see pictures above and to the right). Apparently you can be served tea in the two gazebo-style buildings along the canal.

After going over a bridge over the canal pictured above, we found ourselves in the "commercial" area of town. It was a narrow street, with pretty shops (closed unfortunately) on either side. Flower-covered banners were strewn across the street.

After rounding a corner to the right, we approached what seemed to be the older area of Edam. Everywhere we looked was picturesque.

Frank has an eye for picking out old architecture. I can't remember precisely when this building was constructed, but I believe it was in the 1600's.

This was the restaurant, one of Frank's favorites - he has the phone number programmed into his mobile phone. I liked it, but Frank was less pleased with his dish. There is a small, but peaceful looking hotel above. When I return to the Netherlands, I'd stay here and take the bus into Amsterdam.

This was the patio to the restaurant. Isn't it pretty? Unfortunately, they were not serving dinner on the terrace.

On the walk back, we went over a bridge crossing a lock running right between two houses. I snapped this picture so you could see the lock primarily. Also, notice the beautiful gardens.

This is a picture of the same scene, but if you click on the picture to enlarge it, you will see a bird almost in the water almost in the center of the picture.

Frank took this shot - I am not sure what he was trying to frame. It is on the same bridge as the two photos above.

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