Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How's this for sporty? *Updated*

Bicycles are not the only means of transportation allowed to use Amsterdam's exclusive bike lanes. Motorcycles are also allowed - and these little cars (I don't know what they are called). Most Americans would be frightened to drive something this small on the street, but allowing it in the bike lane is a perfect solution. Once I find an owner of one, I'll find out how it is powered, etc.*

Also, I originally thought the heirarchy of right-of-way in Amsterdam was bike, pedestrian, car. I KNOW the bike is at the top - they don't slow for pedestrians nor cars. I'm starting to think that pedestrians are at the bottom of the ladder. Or perhaps drivers can sense that I'm not about to step out in front of them until I know that they are slowing down so they keep going.

*Update: This car is a Canta LX. It has a Honda motor that is powered by gasoline. It gets 45 mpg in the city. It also has a maximum allowable speed of 45 mph, which is plenty fast if you are driving down the bike lane - or even the city streets here. You can find more information at http://www.waaijenberg.com/gb/4.html. The thing I found funny about the website is that it lists a "left door mirror" and "mapholders" as extra in the more deluxe GLX model.

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