Thursday, July 12, 2007

Walk with Frank *corrected*

After we had dinner, Frank and I took a walk around my neighborhood. To start, Frank showed me a display of an American photographer, who is well-known in the Netherlands. This photographer's subjects are nude people in interesting situations / scenarios. I didn't catch the artist's name, but will try to find out. Here is a photograph of the display from further away so you can see how it is situated over a canal and a second photograph closer up so you can see the picture. It's is interesting both from a photography perspective and also a social perspective when you consider the freak-out Americans have over nudity. (Shawna, I'm sorry - I know that you're probably practically hyperventilating over this post down in Tulsa. You'll survive, I promise.)

Here are the other photographs I took during the walk - I cannot give you locations or names for anything. I was just wandering around with Frank and trusted that he knew where we were going.

This first picture is of a church - don't know which one - but the organic food NordMarkt (North Market) is held on the square in front every Saturday morning.

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